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Student Drop Off & Pick Up


Before School:

At this time, parents may escort their children to the blacktop using the Kindergarten hallway. Please do not drop off students before 7:40 am. If you need childcare in the morning, please contact KIDSTOP.


  • 8:50 Kindergarten Late Friends- guardians must stay with their child on the blacktop until 8:50 when the classroom doors (we do not have supervision)
  • Mrs. Spusta's class should have lunchboxes and water bottles in hand to take into the classroom. Backpacks stay on the hooks.
  • Ms. Medeiros's class ALL belongings stay on the hooks outside.


On the Blacktop:

*Students should find their classroom number to line up on for school.

*They should keep their backpacks on and mingle with friends in or close to their lines.

*Students should not be playing before school.

*Teachers will arrive at the line at 7:50 to take students to class.


*Please do not walk with your child to the classroom. (Teachers are eager to get to learning and too many adults causes congestion in the halls)


*All families may exit campus through the Kindergarten hallway. (This helps keep hallways quiet and keeps our kids safe)


*Parking-Please use the available school stalls, church lot, or neighborhood parking. Staff stalls are for staff only.


Using the bus circle?-Let's work together to make it quick, easy, and safe for everyone!


*Adults must stay inside the car at all times

*Students should be independent in buckling and unbuckling

*ALL students will load and unload from the curbside (STUDENTS SHOULD NOT ENTER/EXIT ON THE DRIVER'S SIDE, AS IT IS DANGEROUS)

*Please PULL FORWARD in the bus circle to drop off and pick up your student. This helps relieve traffic congestion. Students should walk to the main kindergarten hallway and proceed to the blacktop.


After School:

*Students will meet families in front of the school.

*We ask that parents do not come into the hallways nor wait in front of classrooms.

*You may park and walk in or use the bus circle.

*Early Release Wednesday 12:30 PM pick up ALL. Please do not park in bus circle before

12:15 as we have preschool buses picking up until noon.


Using the bus circle?-Let's work together to make it quick, easy, and safe for everyone!

(see bus circle information above)