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MDUSD Covid Guidelines 2022/2023



Positive Test Result & Return Guidelines
Students with a positive test result must stay home and isolate, regardless of vaccination status. The timeline to return is: 
Option 1: May return on day 11 with no testing necessary. 
Option 2: May return after a negative test on OR after day 5. May return as early as day 6. 

With Symptoms: 

  • Symptoms are improving 
  • No fever for 24 hours (without medicine) 
  • Negative test on day five or after (or) you have been isolated for 10 days, with test day as day 0

Without Symptoms: 

  • Negative test on day five or after (or) you have been isolated for 10 days, with test day as day 0

Test Results: 

  • All positive cases are confidential and will only be shared with necessary staff. 
  • Click here to view District testing sites. 

Case Reporting and Group Notification

1. Report Positive Case To School Site Administrator 

  • If the positive case has been on the campus within 48 hours of positive test or symptoms, Admin will report the positive case to District HR. 
  • Cases reported to HR will be posted on COVID Dashboard weekly. 

2. School Site Will Identify Close Contacts 

  • Anyone who has been in a shared airspace for longer than 15 minutes with the positive case over a 24 hour period.

3. School Site will send Group Tracing Contact Letter To Any Close Contact 

  • At the end of each school day, any close contacts will be notified using the Group Contact Tracing Letter.

4. School Staff Will Be Notified within 24 Hours Of A Positive Case On Campus. 

5. Each Friday, the COVID-19 Dashboard will be updated with the positive cases for that week.

Get tested for COVID-19 when symptoms are consistent with COVID-19. If not positive, may return after:

  • At least 24 hours have passed with no fever reducing medication. 
  • Other symptoms are improving.

Stay Home When Sick