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What a SSC is not

A School Site Council (SSC) is NONE of the following:


  •  A School Management Committee
  •   The principal is the school manager.
  •   A Policy-Making Body
  •   The Board of Education sets policy.
  •   A Political Organization
  •   School Site Councils do not take stands on political issues.
  •   A Personnel Committee
  •   The District Human Resources Department and the school principal are responsible   for all personnel matters.
  •   A Grievance Committee
  •  Other procedures are available to air grievances.  However, a SSC may recommend solutions to problems within its scope as identified by a school self-study.
  •   A Fund-Raising Organization
  •   An SSC does not solicit funds except in the process of grant applications and the use   of community resources.
  •   An Extension of the PTA
  •    A Social Group
  •   State Law specifies the representative membership ratio of the SSC and directs that the bylaws outline a membership selection process.