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Church Parking for Gregory Gardens/Robert Shearer
Posted 8/15/22

Dear Parents and Faculty of Gregory Gardens Elementary and Robert Shearer Preschool Communities,

We at St. Andrew’s are hoping to continue our partnership between your schools and our congregation. We are excited to welcome a new preschool at our church which will increase our parking needs.  We invite and welcome you to park on the St. Andrew’s side of the lot if you choose.

We have created a path in the bushes to the school crosswalk to help you get through easier. We are also looking into updating the lanes and parking stalls with new paint.  When doing drive-through drop-off/pick-up, please do the following to help keep our community safe for all of us:

 Please continue to enter through Corritone Court and exit through the St. Andrew’s parking lot.
 Do not turn right into the church parking lot at any point during the day.
 Please drive slowly and watch for pedestrians.
 Please respect the handicapped spaces.

We have ongoing discussions with your Principal, Katie Koontz, to see how else we may partner in building a stronger community in the Gregory Gardens neighborhood.

Rev. Ernie Hess Session of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Pastor
Sue Fitch, Clerk of Session