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What is a School Site Council?

The School Site Council is required for all schools which receive State and Federal Program funds.  The council must be comprised of numerically equal halves representing the school staff, parents and community members.  The council must be broad-based to represent the diverse stakeholders in the community.  The council has decision making authority for budget and programs and develops the mission and goals for the improvement of an individual school community.  The council members share the common goal of success for all students.

The Education Code states that the SSC be composed of:

Principal (must be a member of the council)

Teachers - Selected by teachers at the school. (Teachers must have a classroom assignment)

Other school personnel - Selected by other school personnel at the school.

Parents - Selected by parents (cannot work at the school site).

Elementary level

The council shall be constituted to ensure equal membership between school staff and parents.


Decisions must be legal *

Decisions must be compliant with the laws and regulations for each categorical program.

Decisions must follow District Board policy.

Decisions must be within the budget.

Decisions must be ethical.


A Quorum is Required for Decisions of the School Site Council (SSC) to be valid.  

The State recognizes a simple majority to be:

51% of the total membership or simple majority